Solutions for Increasing Your Online Sales

Search is the weak link in e-commerce.
We make search a key conversion tool.

Visitors search using natural language
to find what they want

Imagine your site search is simple, yet powerful. Your onsite search enables visitors to easily find what they want. Enables you to understand buyer intent. And is a reliable data source for search engine optimization. Well that’s what we make possible with Enquire natural language understanding technologies.

More sales with relevant search results

It’s not unusual for e-commerce sites to experience 50% bounce rates after visitors use site search. Buyers are frustrated by irrelevant results. With Enquire e-Commerce bounce rates are reduced and visitors are more likely to become customers as only relevant search results are presented.

Delight customers

Customer satisfaction and your brand position are improved with Enquire, as the shopping experience is made quicker, easier and more pleasurable. Impress visitors with intelligent recommendations when the searched for items are not available. Delight returning customers with personalized recommendations and improve your cross sales.

Understand what buyers really want

E-Commerce managers often can’t use search data to understand the intent behind what visitors are looking for. With Enquire the guesswork around search data is taken away, you know what people really want. You can make more informed inventory decisions and exploit user generated SEO.


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