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Enquire natural language understanding technologies combine state-of-the-art semantic, lexical machine learning and prediction logic to truly understand what website visitors want.

Dramatically increase conversion rates

  • Visitors no longer need to work out how your search works. Instead they use natural expressions, they can misspell, use abbreviations, symbols, units of measure and even idioms.
  • With Enquire on-site search is more pleasurable; results are more relevant and search to conversion rates increase dramatically.
  • When visitors misspell, use product synonyms or search using ambiguous terms, Enquire natural language understanding technology makes intelligent recommendations with relevant search results.

Best of breed implementations

You can be up and running in a matter of weeks. Enquire is available as a cloud service or by server license and works well with all databases and existing search systems.

Learns over time

Over time Enquire learns visitors’ preferences, ensuring more personalized shopper experiences and increased customer loyalty.


Reports of search intent

Our simple, yet powerful reporting dashboard is designed to provide insight on search intent, guiding inventory and SEO decisions. Giving you trend data and the power to anticipate customer behavior and preferences.

Let people search like humans

Enquire dramatically increases search to conversion rates across for all kinds of e-commerce sites. Enquire analyses databases at online stores to find what buyers want.


Consumer Services




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